Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally finishing off the Landing Ceiling

It has been a few years now and it's about time I finally finished the last few bits. The last major job was to take down the old, damages lathe and plaster ceiling on the landing. So I can fit the sun tunnel and fire alarm on to new plasterboard.

It's quite a quick job to rip down but the clearing up and cleaning up after wards is a huge task.

The rest of it should be a bit cleaner.


  1. You look pretty worked out too!! On seeing you we can understand the complexity of the process, and since we are in the same industry..Cheers to you dude!!!

  2. I've just had a comment:
    "Hi Andy
    I just stumbled across your blog and wondered if you could contact me please. I'm after some info on plasterboarding my loft and can only find confusing crap on the web!.... If you do get this then please contact me at *************
    Cheers. ... Great blog by the way!!

    Steve, I didn't want you get spam etc. I had to edit your email out. Anyway I'll be in touch, If I can help out with interesting info I'll post it over on my www.idostuff.co.uk site or blog.
    Cheers Andy

  3. You look like you enjoyed that!!!

    Love the staircase, it looks wonderful.

  4. It looks great and what a great achievement to have done it yourself. Love the staircase so it looks part of the house, rather than just an attic.

  5. Impressive work, converting a loft is hard work but will add plenty of value to a house

  6. Hey Andy,
    Any hard job becomes easy if we do that in a fun loving way as you done.Keep it up!