Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Roof on in time for the floods

Luckily the roofers manged to finish and get everything water tight before the sky fell in.
The last part was to fit the ridges. To comply with the Regs we needed a continuous vented ridge. This is to allow vapour that can form between the slates and insulation to escape without rooting the slats and rafters. I had originally thought we end up with a modern ridge but after seeing how the system works I realised we could recycle the old ridge.
The system comprises of corogated strip that sits under the ridges and on the slates, lifting them up a little and allowing the ventilation. The ridges are screwed down on to the ridge board using clamps and a strip between them to stop water coming in. A simple system that works well with modern ridges. The ridges we have are 'roll top' which is like a tube along the top. The clamps had too be modified to fit in to the tube and longer stainless steel screws sourced. The ridge board had to packed up with slats giving enough wood for the screws. These were too high on the first ridge and so had to re-done.
The result is a ridge that look right, apart from the gap slight gap between them. Some morta or a thick bead of silicon could sort this.
A slight set back to this job was when the roofers foot came through on the neighbours side of the ridge. He survived the the accident but not the embarassment, the others made sure of that. It was quickly fixed, so no harm done.