Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Note to get off my arse.

I need to go and see the man about turning the spindles. He can be getting on with these as I'm working on the windows. It's always a stumbling block for me, when I have to use others help.

Now there's a thought the spindle turning will cost me about £150. If I could get hold of a second hand wood lathe...hmm

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tandem projects sprial stairs & Sash windows

Progress on finish the stairs has come to a halt. I'm waiting for my man with lathe to recover from an ankle injury so he can turn the spindles for me. The timber is prepared and ready to go but he's not rung me yet.

In the mean time, the first of the Box sliding sash windows is taking shape. I'm recording progress on this in extreme detail so I can follow my blog and make another 7.

If anyone is interested have a look at http://slidingsash.blogspot.com/