Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I've not finished the loft conversion yet!

It's a problem I have, biting off a bit more than I can chew. Starting a new project before I've finished the last. Since January I've been masticating this house....

... and turning it into this

It was bargin at auction but has needed a lot of work, I'll detail what I've done elsewhere. Anyway it's about done now, the first viewing has resulted in a tenant so I can move on.
On the big TO DO LIST. finish off the loft conversion, landing ceiling, sun tunnel, smoke alarm staining and varnishing and finally get the Building Control sign off. Plus the Sliding Sash windows, plus earning some money, plus everything else I've been neglecting.


  1. That's one big list. Good luck with that!

    Darren Scott


  2. Thanks Darren,
    I like to keep busy,

  3. Best of luck with that...post more pics up as you progress. Would be interesting to follow



  4. Very nice! I'm glad it's coming along. I have a question for you. We're considering redoing our attic with hardwood flooring. We've got a pretty good deal on the flooring through www.Floormall.com (thank goodness), but I'm not sure how hardwoods and attics mix. Since you've got a loft as well, what do you think? Thanks!

  5. At least you were able to obtain a tenant. Sometimes the jobs that are the most time consuming can be the most rewarding in the long run.

  6. Renee, I can't imagin there would be any problem with hardwood flooring. Most problems encountered with real wood flooring are to do with expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture levels. If the loft is well insulated and heated in winter the temperature and subsequent moisture variations should not be extreem. Let the flooring acclimatise to the room before laying, the manufacturers instructions should stress this point. Good luck with it.

  7. very nice work man the new improved house look great, keep up the good work

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  9. My goodness! What a lot going on. It looks like a good project though. I would love to see more pictures!

  10. Do you have any after pictures of the loft conversion?

    1. Yes on previous post http://roomuptop.blogspot.co.uk/2008/09/finished-room.html
      I did manage eventually to fit the sun tunnel and re board the landing. The only thing left to know is carpet the stairs. But yet another project has got in way - Have a look at www.idostuff.uk for the cottage in Whitby, 2 loft rooms being re-done in there.

  11. Hi there, how did you get on with this?