Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sprial Stair for Loft Spindle turning price

I've ordered the 25 spindles in hemlock. Total price inc. delivery and Vat £195.
Not much dearer than the local chap but it leaves me with 25 planed up blanks in redwood sitting doing nothing. Oh well, I live and learn.

Let me know If you want details of my supplier that can get the turning done on a copy lathe.


  1. Thanks Sabryna, I hope it's useful to you.

  2. Hi Andy, fantastic conversion, great job on the staircase! I've sent you an email. Regards, John

  3. Hi

    I have come accross this blog from searching loft conversions and I just wanted to say im sooooo impressed with your work.

    The staircase is just fantastic and the room looks gorgeous. Unfortunately I will have to rely on tradesmen to do mine but wow! will be showing them the staircase as the space we have to work with is limited so spiral is the best option, although im thinking not the cheapest!

    Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration!!!

    Well done

  4. Thanks Lisa for your compliments.
    A spiral worked out best for us but we did consider all other options for straight flghts first. I always wanted a spiral staircase so was happy when it turned out to best option. It would be very expensive for a joiner to have built it as I have done. We could have bought an off the peg kit for a round a £1000 that would have given us the functionality but not the looks.

  5. Very good blog.Helps to get an idea about the loft conversions