Thursday, October 22, 2009

Other Extreme DIY - after the Loft Conversion

Another project just being born, after a long pregnancy.
I'm now going to be covering what I'm up to at and a blog at . At this stage it's not not fully formed but I can't stop the delivery now. "Nurse, the forceps quick!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I've not finished the loft conversion yet!

It's a problem I have, biting off a bit more than I can chew. Starting a new project before I've finished the last. Since January I've been masticating this house....

... and turning it into this

It was bargin at auction but has needed a lot of work, I'll detail what I've done elsewhere. Anyway it's about done now, the first viewing has resulted in a tenant so I can move on.
On the big TO DO LIST. finish off the loft conversion, landing ceiling, sun tunnel, smoke alarm staining and varnishing and finally get the Building Control sign off. Plus the Sliding Sash windows, plus earning some money, plus everything else I've been neglecting.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Nearly finished the Loft joinery

Well I missed the Christmas dealine to finish the loft conversion but I put in some hours between Christmas and New Year.

The Landing Banister and and one streach of hand rail up the the stairs is fitted and looking good. I've finally unwrapped the newel turning just so I can stand back and admire the handiwork.

I've got a run of 7 spindles and handrail to go, hopefully this weekend. It's a tricky one as I've got to cut the handrail with a compound angle at both ends.

The other bit I wanted to finish was the shelves to create our pompus sounding library. The uprights I had finished a while back are made from one of the old pulins I took out. All the rest is new timber I've had aclimatisin for ages. As always it took longler than I expected. This was due to walls and purlin not being perfectly square. Each shelf is individually shaped so it all lines up.

So with a lot of sanding then finshing it will be complete. However this will have to wait as we've bought another project house to do up that will keep me busy for a few months.