Monday, September 3, 2007

Tradesmen, to gripe or not?

I don't know if I've got a good deal from the roofers.
They finish the roof barring pointing up to the slates on one of the gables, they where going to quote for the pointing both gable ends. However they left site leaving some scafolding in the front garden.
The breather mebrane is holed in some places and badly fixed also full of slate chippings in parts.
The woodwork around veluxs is shody (certainly not up to my standard and not like the pictures in the fitting instructions)
The wooden gutting at the front of the house and now fallen off, and plastic guttering round the back has a chunck out.
On the plus side, I've not had any leaks and I've still got a £1000 retainer. I think I'll just wait to see if they want there scaffold tower and money before I make my mind up to gripe.

Back to it

After a short period with no progress I'm back on the job. But first to update on my reminders.

The bike sailed through its MOT after replacing the rear wheel bearings.

I manged to fix Emma's laptop it was blown power board, I couldn't belive how many screws held it together so I didn't but them all back in.

We sorted the new property out in time for the tenants moving in. It was hard work for a few weeks but well worth it as the tenants could be stopping there for a many years.

We completed on another whilst we were on holiday, this needs little more than a clean and tidy up. The first prospective tenant to see it has snapped it up so no worries on that score.

Tax return sorted and sent, outside toilet fixed, our shared trailer rebuilt (another action packed party excuse, need to set a date for the painting party) and the end of the school holidays.

Which now brings me back to the loft conversion.